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Thereasa Dougan

I have over 20 years of service in the salon business as an owner, an employee, and a lessee. The flexibility and adaptability of life’s evolving nature that this industry offers have kept me engaged, always learning, and wanting to do more for my clients.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my work is the opportunity to enhance an individual’s natural beauty and experience the joy in their reaction. Everyone deserves to have this experience. Beauty industry trends are forever changing in both technique and product lines which keeps it fun for me. I have always specialized in color and recently found a passion for creating beautiful and natural looking eyebrows as a microblading technician which requires an eye for color matching. I received my microblading certification from World Microblading in Seattle. I find it especially rewarding to tattoo eyebrows on someone who lost their brows due to chemotherapy or alopecia. The changes are both emotional and dramatic.  Like hairdressing, every stylist has their own style. My style has been described as “natural”.

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